Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are essential to a Police-based Victim Services Programs, as volunteer victim support workers provide the majority of the direct services to victims. Volunteers are security-cleared by the police and receive extensive training prior to working with victims. If you are interested in making a positive contribution to your community through a rewarding volunteer experience, or have any questions about volunteer opportunities, please contact the Police-based Victim Services Program nearest you.

Become A Volunteer - A Dynamic And Rewarding Experience

Volunteers donate their time and expertise to the Parkland Victim Services Inc. Program. Join our team of dedicated volunteers who support all aspects of our programs and operations. You’ll have excellent training, evaluation, and recognition for your contributions. You’ll be paired with a trained victim support worker and work directly with victims. This is a volunteer experience where you can have a direct impact on someone’s life.

Parkland Victims Services Inc. Volunteer Description

After successful completion of the standardized volunteer training and evaluation and swearing an oath of confidentiality, potential volunteers may be qualified as a victim services responder with Parkland Victims Services Inc. Once qualified, the volunteer, always working as part of a team, will respond immediately to requests from the RCMP, other community agencies and/or victims themselves to provide short term emotional support and practical assistance to victims of crime or traumatic events. The volunteer will ensure that appropriate options and/or referrals for longer term assistance are provided to the victim.

Direct Service Responsibilities·

Respond immediately to requests for service from RCMP and other emergency services by attending on scene if required or at another safe location. On occasion, assistance may be provided to the victim(s) by telephone. Provide emotional support which empowers the victim, including answering questions and providing information that will help lessen the impact of the crisis for the victim. Provide practical assistance as needed, This may include transportation and/or accompanying a victim to emergency services (shelters, hospitals, etc.), telephone calls on request or alternate arrangements as required. Identify longer term needs by responding to the victim’s concerns and supply the victim with appropriate referrals to services in the community that will assist them in accessing resources for further assistance. Provide victims with information and appropriate updates on their file. Assist and support victims through the entire Criminal Justice System process. Prepare necessary reports, liaise with RCMP, other emergency services and community based organizations and report to Coordinator/Assistant Coordinator as required. Participate in the evaluation of the initial call and provide relevant information to the Program Coordinator along with follow-up. Ensure that all file management/administration is completed in a timely and accurate manner. Participate in monthly training meetings and any other volunteer training events as scheduled. Reporting back to the Program Coordinator/Assistant Coordinator if a victim services call or assignment is particularly stressful for the attending volunteer(s). Individual debriefing will be available to assist volunteers in need of assistance. Advising the Program Coordinator/Assistant Coordinator of any inappropriate volunteer behaviour or victim’s complaint that may adversely affect Parkland Victims Services Inc. Ensure that the organization’s safety protocol and policy are adhered at all times.


Ability to maintain strict confidentiality of all issues surrounding calls for service to victims, information regarding volunteer training and information about the organization. Mature and responsible Good written and verbal communication skills Ability to deal effectively with crisis situations Ability to commit to one year’s service Willing to complete the RCMP Security/Reliability Screening process Suitability to provide sensitive, emotionally safe and effective service to victims on behalf of Parkland Victims Services Inc. Valid driver’s licence and own transportation Willing to complete minimum standards training and evaluation, attend ongoing meetings and educational development opportunities Ability to work as part of a crisis team as required Please note: Acceptance into volunteer training does not guarantee that an applicant will be involved in direct service provision to victims. All staff, volunteers and board members will be subjected to a criminal record check and RCMP Security/Reliability screening process. References will be checked as part of the screening process.